Use of abbreviations jcahoismp essay

Providing educational seminars and updates to all staff including the medical staff and administrators, and providing instruction to new staff and residents before or at the beginning of their employment period. An elderly female patient received Vasotec enalaprilat 1. The patient could not withstand this dosage and developed substantial respiratory depression and a weakened cardiac function, which required serious measures to correct the damage.

Written policies are definitely needed to restrict the usage of abbreviations. In one example, an older male patient was ordered 5 units of Humalog insulin lispro recombinant but received 50 units of Humalog on two occasions.

But the medical staff took responsibility and addressed all issues of repeated physician non-compliance. Luckily she suffered no harm from this overdose. Every participant in the field must realize their responsibility and ensure that they do not value their time, habit or convenience over a human life.

Individual articles may be reprinted in their entirety and without alteration, provided the source is clearly attributed. Implementation Tips for Eliminating Dangerous Abbreviations [online]. When the patient received thrice the suitable dosage, it caused mental decline, delirium and consequent death.

From the above examples and incidences of countless other events where abbreviations have led to errors in medication, it is obvious that if the use of abbreviations is eliminated, it will lead to reduced risk to patient safety.

There is definite need of policies which minimize the potential for error and maximize patient safety. Also efforts must be made to ensure compliance with the initiatives and standards of the above mentioned organizations as well as a proper system of accountability in healthcare organizations by reviewing patient care records and determining the degree of adherence to these recommendations.

Retrieved February 5, from the Joint Commission website: A physician wrote an illegible and confusing order to increase Diovan to 80 mg BID. How much longer does it take to write d-a-i-l-y on an order instead of q. In another report, an order was written for Digoxin 0. An elderly female patient received a Coumadin warfarin dose that should have been held because her INR was 2.

Unfortunately, following this advice has spurred numerous reports of burdensome workloads for those making the calls and strained relationships between the medical staff and nurses and pharmacists who are being forced to police the issue. Pharmacists and nurses still played a role in collecting data about noncompliance, and even notifying individuals when there was a lapse in policy.

A patient on hemodialysis, 62 years of age, was ordered acyclovir as treatment for a viral infection.Use of Abbreviations (JCAHO/ISMP) Essay Example for Free. The Joint Commission affirmed its “do not use” list of abbreviations in May of which was a welcome step in removing the originating causes of the error, i.

Use of Abbreviations (JCAHO/ISMP) Essay

e. abbreviations.

The use of abbreviations shortens length of many words thus really help healthcare professionals in saving time spent in writing notes. Abbreviations however do not always provide positive contributions due to misconceptions, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations leading to.

PA-PSRS has received over reports describing situations in which the use of abbreviations has led to medication errors. Some of the common error-prone abbreviations involved in errors in. If the acronym begins with a vowel sound, use “an.” If the acronym begins with a consonant sound, use “a.” Create a URL (“you-ar-el”) for the new website.

Facts about the Official “Do Not Use” List of Abbreviations June 9, The Joint Commission’s “Do Not Use” List is part of the Information Management standards. Use commas for dosing units at or above 1, or use words such as "thousand" or 1 "million" to improve readability Drug Name Abbreviations Intended Meaning.

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Use of abbreviations jcahoismp essay
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