Unit 2 assignment 2 new technology

Unit 2: Assignment 2 (CRAAP Test)

This test is a website or wen resource evaluation that is used to determine if the website or web resources are current, relevant, has authority, accuracy and if it has a purpose. All of the writers have degrees in journalism, advertising, or information science and technology, so this will give them the right to talk about subjects that the website has to offer.

Accuracy The information that is provided I am unsure where it can from, there is no evidence to support this website information. With the information that is offered I would feel comfortable using its sources for a research paper.

The only credentials that were given on the author was that he held a bachelor degree from Brown University. The authors made their intentions very clear and the information that they provide I would consider it to be fact, opinion and propaganda.

Just Facts is a website used to persuade readers to donate money so they can provide more information on topics of the world. The context language is biased and free of emotion with no grammatical errors. The contact information on the website is just the city and state, except there was an address that was provided to send donations.

Not only is the information supported but it is can be verified but another source other than what is on the website. Honestly, I would be comfortable using Just Facts as a source, I believe that I can get better information and have reliable resources than what the site provided. The information that is published on the website is not posted frequently; it is usually posted about twice a month.

Email address, phone numbers and a mailing address is provided. The authors of this company have expertise in what they are writing about.

The intended audience is for voters in the US who want to keep up the elections, what the president is doing, and what changes are occurring. Its Information is posted and all of the articles are current, updated frequently, and the links work very well.

The object of the assignment was to visit to different websites to determine if they were relevant and reliable. This showed me that he was not qualified to write on any topics or have comments on subjects or than engineering. The links that were provided were functional and some of the articles were updated while others were two to three years outdated.

Just Facts Currency Just Facts website is a website that does research and publish verifiable facts about the leading public policy issues of our time. The URL reveals that yes this website could be a real organization opposing to a certain organization which it is or someone can have purchased the domain for a small fee.

It has a lot of facts, sayings that people have stated apparentlya video clip of someone that was tricked into it and what she went through.

Purpose I believe the purpose of Just Facts is to inform people who have children to be aware of how kids are becoming sex slaves and how they are approached and what happens to them if they get caught up in sex trafficking. The company has staff that writes for Fact Check. Purpose The purpose of the information is to inform voters about issues that are going on and what we the US are doing about them.

Find these images at: The website ends in. Fact Check Currency Fact Check is a website that is a nonprofit organization for voters that aim to reduce the level of deception and confusion when it comes to UD politics.

I say the information they gave is propaganda.Unit 2 Assignment Brief - 2 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

unit 2. Unit 2 Assignment 2: New Technology in My Field I read an article written by Michelle A. Mendes, PHD, RN, CPN, she is currently an assistant professor at the College of Nursing, East Carolina University, in Greenville, NC.

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Unit 2 Assignment review keys; Unit 3 Atomic Theory and Structure Assignment Keys. Feb 03,  · The object of the assignment was to visit to different websites to determine if they were relevant and reliable.

Below I will define the CRAAP test as it relates to each individual Technology Enhanced. Search: Unit 2: Assignment 2 (CRAAP Test) 03 Tuesday Feb debates and news releases and it is supported by relevant resources.

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Unit 2 assignment 2 new technology
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