Union budget 2013

You can directly ask Finance Minister P Chidambaram as he will take questions on all proposals tomorrow on Google Hangout-- a multi-person online video chat. Chidambaram announced a 10 per cent surcharge on the income of individuals earning more than Rs.

Union Budget 2013

Crisil Business Friday March 1, Ratings agency Crisil today said that the government is not likely to meet the revenue growth target for the next fiscal year as its estimates from spectrum and divestment sale inflows are too ambitious.

Credit should be given to Finance Minister P Chidambaram to have stuck to his own motto of pursuing a clarity in tax laws, a stable tax regime, a non-adversarial tax administration, and a fair mechanism for dispute resolution.

No further hike in train reservation, cancellation charges: Government likely to miss revenue growth target: Many more steps to boost economy soon: Budget seeks to attract investment while maintaining moderate tax rates Business Friday March 1, With elections only a year away, this Budget was expected to be populist.

Hope RBI takes cue from Budget while deciding rates: The basic rates of customs, excise and service tax have not been tinkered with nor has there been any significant addition t Inflation must fall to per cent; Budget may help: Ambiguity on the same had sent the markets reeling under selling pressure on Budget day.

2013 Union budget of India

No major reforms in indirect tax structure; custom, excise duties held steady Business Friday March 1, As compared to Budgetwhich ushered various changes in the area of indirect taxes like the introduction of the Negative list regime in service tax, Budget has not seen any major reforms in the tax structure.

Raghuram Rajan Business Wednesday March 6, The government may have to freeze the diesel subsidy at the current level to protect the Budget numbers at some point in time, said Raghuram Rajan, chief economic advisor to the Finance Minister, while flagging concerns over the widening current account deficit.

No unilateral revision of tax treaty with Mauritius: Chidambaram Business Friday March 8, The Finance Minister on Friday said he hopes the Reserve Bank will take into account the fiscal consolidation path shown in the Budget while taking a call on interest rate in its coming policy review on March Continuance of interest subvention scheme, other measures to boost agriculture Business Friday March 1, The Finance Minister has tried to maintain sound fiscal management on one hand, while creating growth drivers for the agricultural sector at the same time.

Pawan Bansal Business Friday March 15, Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal made it clear on Friday that there will be no further hike in the near future in reservation or cancellation charges, though cross subsidy from freight to passenger segment has touched Rs 25, crore.

Here are some of the welcome steps being proposed to give agriculture sector a boost. FM perfects the tightrope walk, balances banking sector expectations Business Friday March 1, While some of the proposals in the Union Budget would have a positive effect on the banking sector, the budget on the whole appears to have evoked mixed reactions from the banking industry, if the bank index of the stock exchange is anything to go by.

Diesel subsidy may have to be frozen to meet Budget numbers:Jun 24,  · While some of the proposals in the Union Budget would have a positive effect on the banking sector, the budget on the whole appears to.

Highlights of Union Budget India must make tough spending choices, finance minister P Chidambaram said on Thursday, even as he unveiled a bigger-than-expected outlay for the coming fiscal year in one of the most highly anticipated Indian budgets of recent years.

Budget of the European Union

Union Budget As part of his union budget, Finance Minister P Chidambaram said today that India will set up a special Public Sector Unit bank solely for women, and to support businesses run.

Union Budget Chidambaram has it covered for insurers Insurance CEOs are excited about the proposals announced by the finance minister that make it easier to distribute policies.

On 8 FebruaryEuropean Union leaders agreed to cut the budget by %; the agreement on the proposed budget by the European Council has yet to be approved by the European Parliament, adopted unanimously by the Council of the European Union and ratified by the national parliaments of all member states; if adopted, it will be the first cut.

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Union budget 2013
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