The intensity of rivalry within the mobile telecommunications industry

The Industry Handbook: The Telecommunications Industry

Using the example of the mobile telecommunications industry, we observe that there is an oligopoly market both horizontally and vertically. The same applies with the number of mobile service providers in every country. For the most part, basic services are treated as a commodity.

Personal Communications Services Pcs Family of mobile radio communications services that encompass mobile and ancillary fixed communications services to individuals and businesses.

From Public To Private. The rate at which customers leave for a competitor. Earnings can be a tricky issue when analyzing telecom companies.

The assessment is complicated by the extent of competition within a market. The oligopolistic nature of the horizontal and vertical competition then calls for closer cooperation within the supply chain in view of the nature of the investment required in relation to the level of rivalry in such market.

By stripping away interest, taxes and capital expenses, it allows investors to analyze whether the baseline business is profitable on a regular basis. At the same time, buyer power can vary somewhat between market segments.

Common measures of understanding marketing rivalry is through the use of indices comparing the size of the organisation and the market share and the comparison of sales revenue with market value. The consistent reporting, from industry to industry, helps with our ability to compare industry performance and outlooks.

Enacted by the U. Number of mobile internet connections Table: The fastest growth comes from services delivered over mobile networks. The lower the ratio, the better. When capital markets are generous, the threat of competitive entrants escalates.

The suppliers of core systems are limited internationally to the extent that they can be counted using one hand. Churn Rate The rate of increase at which customers discontinue their service on a voluntary or involuntary basis. With increased choice of telecom products and services, the bargaining power of buyers is rising.

Other characteristics of the market that require review include the rate of market growth and the level of fixed costs. A telecom company can be recording rising profits year-by-year while its cash flow is ebbing away. This translates into customers seeking low prices from companies that offer reliable service.The Industry Handbook: The Internet Industry Think of telecommunications as the world's biggest machine.

Strung together by complex networks, telephones, mobile.

Mobile Broadband (3G) Subscribers, Worldwide Mil. SMS Messages Sent, Worldwide Tril. Handset SalesWorldwide Bil. Units MobileAdvertising Revenue, Worldwide Bil. US$ Mobile Application Downloads, Worldwide ** Bil.

Mobile Application Revenue, Worldwide (Includes Purchases & Ad Revenue)** Bil. The Wireless Telecommunications Carriers industry has a low level of capital intensity, reflecting the level of capital resources tied up in wireless telecommunications networks and infrastructure.

IBISWorld estimates that for every dollar spent on labor, $ is spent on capital investment in explained by the size of innoationv in the mobile telecommunications industry.

The larger the size of innoation,v the lower is the investment maximizing in-tensity of competition. Keywords: Competition, Investment, Mobile elecommT unications.

JEL Classi cation: D21, D22, L13. Telecommunication is a service based industry which is intangible, so in this case there are fewer suppliers or we can say the role of suppliers is almost negligible. There are three types of suppliers in the telecom industry.

Mobile hand set suppliers: Nokia. Sony Ericsson. Motorola. Siemens etc. Home Five Forces Index Telecommunications Industry - Five Forces Analysis. Last Updated by wbot | Update This Page Now. Add New 5 Forces. Intensity of Existing Rivalry. Government limits competition (Telecommunications Industry) Government policies and regulations can dictate the level of competition within the industry.

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The intensity of rivalry within the mobile telecommunications industry
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