The asean community and me

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Greater use of social media should make these platforms fully interactive to generate interest, engagement, discussion, feedback and effective participation.

The AEC Blueprint will lead towards an ASEAN that is more proactive, having had in place the structure and frameworks to operate as an economic community, cultivating its collective identity and strength to engage with the world, responding to new developments, and seizing new opportunities.

The Philippines, with its overcrowded banking sector, for example, is among the ASEAN-member countries who are forecast to feel the most pressure as the integration welcomes tighter competition The asean community and me the entry of bigger, more established foreign banks.

The wide-ranging multifaceted efforts of community building should be properly classified into clusters, subjects, or thematic areas targeting the main interest groups — businesses, intellectual community, and the general public — for a year- long constructive discourse on the AC The AEC Blueprint is aimed towards achieving the vision of having an AEC by that is highly integrated and cohesive; competitive, innovative and dynamic; with enhanced connectivity and sectoral cooperation; and a more resilient, inclusive, and people-oriented, people-centred community, integrated with the global economy The AEC Blueprint consists of five interrelated and mutually reinforcing characteristics, namely: The ASEAN community revises and renews its vision every ten years to provide a framework for continuous development and further integration of the community.

AEC is not fully utilizing its own single market and production base. This protects communities who suffer discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, and other status. In turn, the more ASEAN economies become integrated, the more feasible it is to adopt a single currency, which is expected to reinforce even further stability and integration.

Some member states have stronger state governance institutions than others, and some have stronger democratic institutions than others. The implementation of the roadmap will contribute to the realisation of the AEC that was launched in October in Bali.

Moreover, scores create incentives for improvement by highlighting what is working and what is not. But even when it comes to the AEC — an acronym often mentioned in media and elsewhere these days — not everybody knows what exactly it entails.

ASEAN remains gung-ho over the launch of the Community that aims to bring together its 10 member countries politically, economically, socially and culturally. The survey results are expected to be published in August.

By building an environment that reduces barriers to trade, ASEAN trade will increase, thereby decreasing the risk of another food price crisis. Capital market development entails promoting institutional capacity, including the legal and regulatory framework, as well as the facilitation of greater cross-border collaboration, linkages, and harmonisation between capital markets in the region.

Suos Yara is a Member of the Parliament in Cambodia. Deepening engagement with both internal Members and eternal parties are also stressed to contribute the international peace, security and stability.

Thinking Globally, Prospering Regionally setting out key messages and explaining clearly the impact of the AEC, quoting real examples of how businesses and people have benefitted, should be ratcheted up this year.

The new Blueprint will not only ensure that the 10 ASEAN Member States are economically integrated, but are also sustainably and gainfully integrated in the global economy, thus contributing to the goal of shared prosperity. These principles include adherence to the rule of law, good governance, democracy, fundamental freedoms, human rights and social justice.

It also puts human and environmental security at the center of its aspirations.

ASEAN Economic Community

By focusing on the broader goals, objectives, strategies, and targets set in these instruments, the contours and key markers of the AC15 can be easily framed, both in quantitative and qualitative terms as appropriate. The main focus is to industrially and technologically boost the security capability of ASEAN, [92] [93] consistent with the principles of flexibility and non-binding and voluntary participation among the member states.

Prosperity, peace and people The AEC is on track to eliminate tariffs on almost all goods by the end of the year. Economic Community Blueprint[ edit ] This section needs to be updated.

ASEAN must make a concerted effort to convey in specific quantitative, if not qualitative, terms what it had planned to achieve and how well it is doing, regularly throughout the year.

Malaysia purchased only 0. The beauty of social media lies in the opportunity for citizens to get in touch with an organization that appears abstract to most of us at the present time. The region has well-coordinated response mechanisms for pandemics based on the experiences of SARS and Avian Influenza.

One of the freest and most competitive economies in the world, the island city-state of 5. ASEAN needs a long-term vision to gradually augment internal strength by being more flexible in implementing the principle of non-interference as well as more open to democratic values and human rights.

ASEAN has also been affected by terrorism and transnational crimes.“For me, the ASEAN Community is an opportunity to make friends with people from other member countries.

ASEAN Community: What’s That Again?

If we have friends in each ASEAN country, travelling around ASEAN can be cheap as we can stay with them or at least ask for their advice on how to visit their country with a limited budget. More than that, our friends can become business.

Asean Community. 58 likes. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, was established on 8 August in Bangkok, Thailand, with the signing.

The way forward for the ASEAN Community

ASEAN Economic Community Home / ASEAN Economic Community The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in is a major milestone in the regional economic integration agenda in ASEAN, offering opportunities in the form of a huge market of US$ trillion and over million people.

May 12,  · The way forward for the ASEAN Community 12 May Author: Suos Yara, Cambodia. It has been one year since the realisation of the ASEAN Community and its achievements so far have been mixed. While there has been some significant progress made towards realising the ASEAN Community’s economic goals there is still much.

ASEAN - EU Community. K likes. ASEAN-EU Community aims to unite all Southeast Asians living in the EU and EU citizens who live in ASEAN Region. Let's. “To me, ASEAN means to be part of a bigger community, as there are similarities in the cultures, beliefs and lifestyles.

The ASEAN community 2025 vision: What is in it for me?

But I have not actually heard much about the ASEAN Community,” added Erika Loh, a Malaysian student.

The asean community and me
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