Psychological explanations of anorexia nervosa essay

The issue of ethics is also important to consider in the research into Anorexia as harm could be caused to patients that are already in a poor state of health. Furthermore, a white population being seen to have a higher incidence of Anorexia than black populations has been found to only be true in older adults Roberts et al, Developing Anorexia or an eating disorder is therefore a way of gaining a sense of control, by excessively controlling their body size and weight.

Different cultures have different ideals of attractiveness which can lead to different social pressures. Research into the factor of ethnicity has also found different results.

Furthermore the issue of Peer influence has been suggested as it is seen to be of great importance during adolescence. In addition, perfectionism has been found to be affected by the duration of the illness, individuals with lower levels of perfectionism had shorter illnesses Nilsson et al, This was further supported by Pollack who found that many non-western cultures Fiji and Caribbean had more positive attitudes towards large body sizes as they were associated with attractiveness, fertility and nurturance.

However, the methodology of research into personality can be criticised for example the difficulty of separating out normal personality traits compared to altered short-lived traits that may have been caused by starvation. The eating disorder is less common in non-western cultures and black populations than in a white western population.

Cachelin and Regan found no significant differences in prevalence of disordered eating between African- American and white Caucasian participants.

Ethnicity also has an influence on the occurrence of Anorexia. The meta-analysis by Grabe and Hyde investigated this and found that African- American females did indeed have less body dissatisfaction than Caucasian and Hispanic females.

In effective parents will cause the children to grow up with a lack of understanding of how to deal with their internal needs includes nourishment as they are over reliant on their parents and thus feel a sense of helpfulness. Psychological theories focusing on social cultural explanations and personality types can be criticised for reductionism as it does not take into account genetic factors or individual differences.

Gender bias is also a criticism for the research into Anorexia Nervosa as it mainly consists of women and young teenage girls which means that it cannot be applied to the population as a whole. Personality type is also a psychological explanation for AN. The article below provides more information about gender bias in the study of eating behaviours.

This raises the issue of how research onto eating disorders is directed and suggests a higher emphasis on the study of males should be partaken in order to avoid discrimination.

The National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders, found that over 1 million males are affected by Anorexia each year, which shows that the disorder is, be it less than females, still very common in males.

Is it their natural personality or one that has been altered due to the eating disorder that is making them behave differently? This is supported by Eisenberg et al who found that dieting among friends was significantly related to unhealthy weight control behaviours diet pills or purging.

The psychodynamic theory has also been considered by Hilde Bruch who claimed that the origins of Anorexia Nervosa was in early childhood that is determined by the type of parent the individual has.Read this essay on Psychological and Biological Explanations of Anorexia Nervosa.

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This approach explains that Describe and Evaluate Psychological Explanations of Anorexia Nervosa (24) Behavioural explanations of anorexia nervosa. Neural, Evolution, Behavioural and Cognitive Psychological and Biological Explanations of Anorexia Nervosa Behavioural explanations Classical and Operant conditioning Cognitive Explanations Irrational beliefs, the way people think about themselves - in relation to eating disorders the individual.

Feb 05,  · Psychological Explanations for Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia Nervosa has been explained by the effects of social cultural factors, which include cultural ideals and the media.

Different cultures have different ideals of attractiveness which can lead to different social pressures. Psychological Explanations for Anorexia Nervosa Essay Plan 1.

Describe in detail ethnicity and peer influences. Meta analysis of 98 studies- Grabe and Hyde found a difference between African-American and Caucasian and Hispanic females. African-Americans reported significantly less body.

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Psychological explanations of anorexia nervosa essay
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