Motivating employee on singapore airline

The most prestigious award of all is reserved for extraordinary acts of truly superior service. Piet was another concern was that he was not getting support and help he needed from his line mangers, the only of communication was through emailing process which was not much effective and the issues which should be discussed were never discussed.

What it takes to sustain service excellence — A senior management perspective. Successful strategies-the story of Singapore airlines SIA. We can see the result of training and development at each stage of the task that is assigned to the employees.

Training is other way of motivating the employees intrinsically, because this will make him realise why his job his important, how his role is important in the organisation thus inspire him to work more effectively.

The airfare where rising proportionally but the services given to the customers were not improving and this was the major irritating factor for the customers. The training intends to ensure that the cabin crew offers excellent service.

It includes meeting a multitude of criteria, interview, etc. Basically, the company has divided the training into two types, which are functional training and general management training, it involves not only safety and functional issues, but also beauty care, gourmet food and wine appreciation, and art of conversation Chan, a, b 5.

If I would have been in the place of Piet, the first thing that I would have done is to work upon motivating my staff members, because this was the major problem which was affecting the overall business.

Compensation reward system involves fringe benefits, incentives, bonus, gift packages and other tangible benefits whereas non compensation system includes recognition, flexible hours and opportunity for growth, praise, task enjoyment and friendships. Company should follow the strategy of merit pay grid because Merit pay grades are the source of positive motivational factor in any organization because it motivates employees to work harder and become more effective and efficient.

Both monetary and non monetary method of compensation are the source of motivation as will both will stimulate the employee to work in better way by giving them a confirmation that their work is being recognized and appreciated. Management of International Strategic Business Cooperation: Achieving sustainable advantage through dual strategy.

Motivation of Singapore airline

Service industry is based upon the human resource. So this should not be the case with his staff members also. The leadership and motivation are active process and helps the organization to grow in an effective and competitive manner Baldoni, In order to assist retrenched staff, the company holds training programs and workshops that included courses on managing emotions, financial planning and career guidance.

As a result, the company is quick-witted and flexible, which enables fast decisions and speedy practice of measures, which in turn, solve the issue at the beginning The Annual Report, Work motivation is very much required for the service industry to make the effective and integrated approach for the cutstomer satisfaction.

By this program, employee can present their needs and problems to their managers immediately whenever they want, so that managers could satisfy as soon as possible.

Republic of Singapore Air Force. Lessons from Singapore airlines. Managing human resources for service excellence and cost effectiveness at Singapore Airlines. And in such cases it was required by the Manager as well staff to comfort those passengers giving them the surety that problem would be resolved.

To make the industry and organization more effective and competitive, the organization and even the whole industry should take extra care for the growth and development of the human resources in the industry.

The HR department was also not concerned with the demotivated employees and were not trying to resolve the coming up issues. But there may be reverse case if all the customers turn up which may lead to total chaos.

For instance, SIA provides a variety of kinds of rewards, involving interesting and varied job content, etc. Strategy and organization at Singapore Airlines: Leadership as well as the relationship management with employees is the main forces that drive the success of our training and retraining programs.

Empowerment results in motivating each and every employee that leads to constant expansion and growth of the organization Smith, B, But this was not the case with Piet team members.

I would try to have more communication among all levels in the organisation, so that ideas, views and opinions can be shared. In addition, the company uses non-financial rewards to motivate good and service, such as newsletters, to motivate staff.

Such employees have the sense of dedication and responsibility and so they work in an effective way.

The environment of Singapore airline is the best of all over the world. So it was the responsibility of staff to help out such customers which would not affect the loosing shares of the company.

Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Singapore Airlines: managing human resources ervice employees are a key input for delivering service excellence and Singapore Airline’s generic strategy and supporting capabilities Singapore Airlines (SIA) has achieved the holy grail of strategic success: sustainable.



The employee effectiveness comes from the satisfaction and passion. That passion will only be grown and encouraged by the motivation factor among the employees. Empowerment results in motivating each and every employee that leads to constant expansion and growth of the organization.

Singapore Airlines benefits and perks, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. Reported anonymously by Singapore Airlines employees/5(61).

Human Resource Development in Singapore International Airline Crew Resource Development Strategy in SIA(Singapore International Airline) Abstract. Today, SIA (Motivating staff through rewards and recognition) To ensure that staff will deliver service excellence, we created reward systems which are the major contributor to motivation and.

Singapore International Airline (SIA) managers use several different patterns to motivate their employees.

Singapore Airlines Employee Reviews

HRM of Singapore Airline; Motivation of Singapore airline; Organizational Design; However, SIA also provides employee communication program to support pursuit of excellence by motivating employees more and well especially in its. Virgin Atlantic Airlines: employee motivation, leadership and organisational culture Posted on September 12, by John Dudovskiy Virgin Atlantic Airlines Limited, is a British airline company owned by Virgin Group and Singapore Airlines.

Motivating employee on singapore airline
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