Math ia type 2 stellar numbers

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Investigate how binary is used — link to codes and computing. What is the minimum number of colours needed for any map? The first four representations for a star with six vertices are shown in the four stages S1—S4 below. Hi, I saw the work that you did on Stellar Numbers on this forum and I had a question about them and you seem to be very knowledgeable in this subject!

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The simplest example of these are square numbers, 1, 4, 9, 16, which can be represented by squares of side 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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Look at the inherent probabilistic nature of the universe with some quantum mechanics. Find a general statement for the 6-stellar number at stage Sn in terms of n. Can you find the pattern behind it? Why does the house always win? Also look at how the Championship compares to the Premier League.

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Stellar Numbers IA

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Hence, produce the general statement, in terms of p and n, that generates the sequence of p-stellar numbers for any value of p at stage Sn. Use Tracker software to create a Sine wave. What is the general statement of 6-stellar numbers? The use of regression in polling predictions.

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We can then generalise to find stellar number formulae for different numbers of vertices. For example the 5-stellar numbers pictured above have the formula 5n 2 – 5n + 1.

In fact the p-stellar numbers will have the formula pn 2 – pn + 1. IB Math Portfolio Population trends in China SL type 2 maths IA task solution help Stellar numbers By: Population trends in China IB Math Portfolio IA help 15/02/ Keywords: IB IA Population trends in china Math Maths Portfolio, ib math maths ia portfolio 2 sl task, IB Math Portfolio Population trends in china Maths IA coursework.

Patterns From Complex Numbers IB Math HL IA IB Math HL Portfolio +91 Maths Type 2 IA Task Solution Help1/5(1). Math SL Investigation Type 2 Stellar Numbers This is an investigation about stellar numbers, it involves geometric shapes which form special number patterns.

Consider stellar (star) shapes with p vertices, leading to p-stellar numbers. The first four representations for a star with six vertices are shown in the four stages S1–S4 below. The 6-stellar number at each stage is the total number of dots in the diagram.

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Math ia type 2 stellar numbers
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