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Access to this copyrighted electronic document is open to everyone. We treat the humanity of another person as an end, therefore, when in our dealings with them we avoid intentionally inducing false beliefs. You would be foolish to accept his offer. August 30, Terms of use.

It is what everything else in the series is ultimately used for. Wood, on the other hand, contends that the two formulas may often appear to give different results because the formula of universal law is only a rough preliminary to the formula of humanity.

Scholars have generally supposed that by this Kant meant something like the following: But this claim is hard to believe, considering what Kant wrote in the Groundwork: Imagine that the devil offered you any new car you may desire in exchange for your losing all prospect of future happiness.

By this line of reasoning Kant sees that an alternative version of the categorical imperative can now be expressed as: Kant, ImmanuelThe Metaphysics of Morals, trans.

It would be wrong to treat humanity in oneself merely as a means to the ends of others. Korsgaard finds several differences between the formula of universal law and the formula of humanity, including that, as she claims, the argument of the suicide example fails under the formula of universal law, but succeeds under the formula of humanity Korsgaard; The four examples, again.

For the imperfect duties: What Kant wants to convey with the formula of humanity, likewise, is that it is at least as foolish to treat humanity as a means for attaining any other end.

The power of belief is a good example.

One clever objection is that, by following that line of argument, in order to regard anything at all as evil it must be necessary to regard oneself as evil Kerstein It would be a colossal mistake, therefore, to value any means more highly than an end in itself.

Kant will have something more to say about it a dozen years later, in The Metaphysics of Morals.Kant's Humanity Formula Essay - Kant's Humanity Formula “Few formulas in philosophy have been so widely accepted and variously interpreted as Kant’s injunction to treat humanity as an end in itself”(Hill, 38).

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Kant: The Humanity Formula "Few formulas in philosophy have been so widely accepted and variously interpreted as Kant's injunction to treat humanity as an end in itself"(Hill, 38).

Kant’s Formula of Humanity

Kant developed three principal formulas of the categorical imperative. The first and most well known of these is the so-called “formula of universal law.” The second is the “formula of humanity.” This one has been almost as interesting to commentators and critics as.

Abstract: This essay examines two interpretations of Kant's argument for the formula of humanity. Christine M. Korsgaard defends a constructivist reading of Kant's argument, maintaining that humans must view themselves as having absolute value because their power for rational choice confers value on their ends.

Kant believed a person’s motive, his intentions of an action are what decides if the action is morally right or wrong—not the end result of that action or decision.

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Kant’s categorical imperative approach says a person has the moral duty to do what is right, because it is the right thing to do, not because it may benefit them.

Kants humanity formula essay
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