Imogene kings goal attainment theory essay

The concepts related to social systems are: Decision making—a dynamic and systematic process by which goal-directed choice of perceived alternatives is made and acted upon by individuals or groups to answer a question and attain a goal.

They interact mutually, identify problems, establish and achieve goals. The third level of theory of goal attainment is the social level. Collectively the group will discuss the steps needed to reach the goal.

Nursing Theory Imogene King&nbspEssay

Theory of Goal Attainment and Nursing Process Assumptions Basic assumption of goal attainment theory is that nurse and client communicate information, set goal mutually and then act to attain those goals, is also the basic assumption of nursing process Assessment King indicates that assessment occur during interaction.

Nurses will be able to help them cope with illness and stress. Communication is required to verify accuracy of perception, for interaction and transaction. It was thought that these are valid for nursing but was not assessed as regards to nursing practice.

In the middle 20th century, nursing practice trends changed from a fact-oriented view point to an effective practice. Nurses at this level deal with small to moderate sized groups. She mentored many undergraduate and graduate nurses that have gone on to become leaders Messmer, This level includes large groups such as the government, the health care system or society in general Catalano, These goal are designed to help patients reach the highest level of health.

Nursing observations and assessments guide the plan of care and resulting interventions. These interventions can include communications along with physical activities. Cross-theoretical consistency and validity. The purpose of this paper is to discuss Imogene King and the theory of goal attainment, including all three levels.

She revised the ideas more and in published A Theory for Nursing: Collaboration between the Dyads nurse-patient is very important for the attainment of the goal.

Many approaches to research are available to practicing nurses, and one of the most effective -- given that qualitative and quasi-experimental approaches are likely to be dominant in patient care research -- is action research. They then set goals to attain, maintain and restore health.

Imogene King's Theory of Goal Attainment

If nurse with special knowledge skill communicate appropriate information to client, mutual goal setting and goal attainment will occur. For a theory to be useful, it must exhibit the capacity to be generalized to other similar situations.

Evaluation It involves to finding out weather goals are achieved or not. In king description evaluation speaks about attainment of goal and effectiveness of nursing care.

King emphasizes that both the nurse and the client bring important knowledge and information to the relationship and that they work together to achieve goals.

Systems, Concepts, and Process Ruby, This theory is also applicable in the nursing education program for those nursing students having poor academic performance and for those at-risk students. The reason behind this was that nursing programs started to prepare nurses for practice in higher education institutions.

Imogene King

Some common goals at this level is organization, authority, power, status and dicisions. She has served on committees for the American Nurses Association at the local, state and national level."Imogene King S Theory Of Goal Attainment" Essays and Research Papers Imogene King S Theory Of Goal Attainment Imogene King’s System Interaction Model Theory of Goal Attainment Introduction Imogene King is a nationally recognized theorist, leader.

The Goal Attainment Theory is distinct and was used by King to describe interpersonal and dynamic relationship aimed at attaining patient’s life goals hence a critical one for advancement in nursing education and practice.

Essay about Imogene King's Theory Words | 6 Pages. Imogene King’s Theory of Goal Attainment Abstract This paper is about Imogene King and her Theory of Goal Attainment.

This paper details the components of the theory as well as practical application of those components today. Improving nursing practice through Imogene King’s theory of Goal Attainment.

Explain 1 specific. Create a patient-nurse scenario. Ways the nursing conceptual model (King’s Theory of Goal Attainment) could be used to improve nursing practice elaborate, explain, or defend each bullet point.

Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to. Furthermore, King proposed that through mutual goal setting and goal attainment, transactions result in enhanced growth and development for the client (Woods, ).

King used ten major concepts from the personal and interpersonal systems to support the Theory of Goal Attainment.

Imogene King's Attainment Theory King's Attainment Theory The thrust of Imogene King's theory of goal attainment is a loosely-coupled partnership between the nurse and the patient that enables communication about the patient's condition, their health goals, and a plan of action to achieve the patient's goals.

Imogene kings goal attainment theory essay
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