Goosebumps welcome to dead house book report

After an eventful first visit, the Benson family leave Dark Falls and head back home to their old neighborhood.

It is an enormous, dark, antique home with two large bay windows on the second floor that look eerily like a pair of dark eyes staring down at the street below. It turns out the dead children are zombies that crumble under light, and they knock down a tree to kill all of the living dead.

Dawes having his head beaten inward with a large halogen flashlight, a boy being melted apart to the point where his eyes pour out from his skull, the dog being killed and eaten by the townsfolk, descriptions of an unnamed "yellow gas" from the factory floating over Dark Falls and killing off all the residents of the town luckily Stine spared his readers from knowing exactly how the gas worked, because wow and a teenage girl named Karen actually thanking Amanda for killing her.

The new family is preparing to move into the house. Go out and make some new friends. Before the two kids can get murdered by dead people, a knock on the door scares off the entire group of kids.

Other factories seen in the background include a dismantled Canadian sawmill nearby the generating station. He used to live in their house, everyone in town used to live in the house. Also, the friends she makes all seem a little different. It was one of the two book series by Stine that was planned to be released in the other was The Nightmare Room.

Ray offers to take the kids down to the schoolyard, where the three run into about a dozen kids of various ages. The kids form an ominous circle around Amanda and Josh until Dawes shows up for no reason to say hello.

Welcome to Dead House

McGillis also felt that the content of the Goosebumps series is "thin in the extreme". He called the Goosebumps books " subliterature ", stating the plotting in the books was careless and that characters in the stories rarely grew. Dawes drives them all back to his office where they make the final arrangements.

The town formed a circle around the three and luckily they all escaped. I started reading this series when it first came out. Then there is the creepy old house, that appears to have been built many years ago.

The two kids run to the cusp of the cemetery and spot their parents, tied to a stake in the middle of the stage, surrounded by the entire town sitting in the bleachers.

Later on, she is startled by noises around the upstairs level of the house, and sees the shadowy figure of Ray a second time as he passes by the hallway near her bedroom.

Dead brown leaves, shade, and shadows are everywhere. So Amanda and Josh do.

She goes outside to tell Josh about it, but both he and Petey are gone. Dawes is also dead, and everyone died when something escaped from a plastics factory.

Welcome to Dead House (TV episode)

Dawes explains how the town used to be normal, you know, before all the murders, and how one day a yellow gas escaped from the plastics factory and turned them all into the living dead. Dawes drives them around until they see Josh running through the cemetery, chasing after Petey.

Goosebumps:welcome to dead house

Achievements, reception and controversy[ edit ] See also: But these new friends are not exactly what their parents had in mind.

Josh slaps the construction worker on the top of his head and Amanda is able to escape. In the book, most of the residents of Dark Falls used to work at a plastic factory.

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At some point in all this, Petey runs away. One of the undead children, Ray, attacks Amanda in the cemetery, while her brother, Josh, is still looking for Petey.

As a child I always considered Welcome to Dead House to be the darkest, "scariest" entry of the series. Amanda and Josh Benson have been dragged by their parents to Dark Falls, a cheery-sounding town that has a lot of trees, causing a sort of permanent shade all over.

According to the ALA, a challenge is an attempt by a person or group to remove or restrict materials from a library or school curriculum. Moving is difficult, whether you see it as an adventurous new start or a cut-off from your friends and school.As a child I always considered Welcome to Dead House to be the darkest, "scariest" entry of the series.

Goosebumps: Book by Book. 05 the Curse of the Mummy's Tomb 06 Let's Get Invisible! 07 Night of the Living Dummy 08 the Girl Who Cried Monster 09 Welcome to Camp Nightmare 10 the Ghost Next Door 11 the Haunted Mask 12 Be Careful What.

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Goosebumps welcome to dead house book report
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