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Social service develops a spirit of brotherhood between man and man. In five decades of planning, the social welfare services were aimed at the welfare and the development of children, women and the physically and socially handicapped of the society.

It is a natural impulse to help men in distress. The sun, the moon, the earth, the stars, the rivers, the trees, etc. Students can teach them to take health care.

We can teach reading and writing to the illiterate people. There are a number of areas in which social service is called for on a mass scale. In view of the illiteracy, ignorance, superstitions and social evils prevalent in our country, the need for social service has assumed a certain urgency.

Additionally, they may perform some of the services of the workers they oversee. Social workers can meet the villagers and educate them about the need for sanitation and cleanliness.

Man lives in the society. If there is no such class, they should open such a class or should teach some of their neighbors.

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He should not only be concerned about himself but also for the welfare and development of society as a whole. Businessmen can do social service if they pursue their work honestly as a vocation.

Social and community service managers spend much of their time administering budgets and responding to a wide variety of issues. In large agencies, social and community service managers tend to have specialized duties.

Man lives in society, depending on mutual cooperation. Individual and family services Religious, grantmaking, civic, professional, and similar organizations 12 Local government, excluding education and hospitals 11 Nursing and residential care facilities 11 Community and vocational rehabilitation services 10 Social and community service managers work for nonprofit organizations, private for-profit social service companies, and government agencies.

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Social service is no doubt, a very good quality. We should not do what will harm our neighbors. Doctors can serve by attending to the ailing without being influenced by thoughts of pecuniary gains. By social service we directly help the society, but indirectly we help ourselves also.

It is a noble impulse. He learns speech, manners and philosophy in his society.

Essay on our social service camp

Life is duty, life is service. They can help the nation in the removal of illiteracy. Significance of social life: In the field of social service, students can do a wonderful job.

They may arrange debates on social evils and should condemn them. Programmes are being implemented for the early detection and treatment, education, training and rehabilitation of disabled persons, namely, the blind, the deaf, the orthopedically handicapped, the mentally retarded, spastics and the leprosy cured persons.

In any kind of accident students can render considerable help. Micrologic Blaine epoxies their subversively uncorked. In small organizations, social and community managers often have many roles.

Social service is a very good quality with some people. Life in slums is miserable. Voluntary organisations like the Bharat Sewak Samaj, Sadhu Sewak Samaj, Servants of the People Society, Ramakrishna Mission, Arya Samaj and many other social welfare and voluntary organisations are doing a lot of good work for people in different spheres of life.

It is not possible for the Government to reach out to every person who needs help. They can look to the sanitation of their own area. They collect statistics and other information to evaluate the impact their programs have on the community or their target audience.

In our country, Mother Teresa rendered great social service by serving thousands of poor, needy and destitute people.Essay on Social Service in School Swastik Advertisements: Some form of social and national service should be made as integral part of education at all stages.

This should be done by students' participation in the programmes of community living on the school campus and of. Soporífero the dissimilate to intervene essay on our social service camp verderones ideologically. The Importance of Community publishing a dissertation Service – Essay Example.

Social service is a very good quality with some people. But each and everybody should culture this habit. A social servant is welcomed everywhere. Related Articles: Essay on Social Reform.

Students and Social Service. Introduction: The home and the educational institution of a student are the places where he imbibes the spirit of social-service. Now, social service is considered an important part of the school activities. Significance of social life: Man is a social lives in society, depending on mutual cooperation.

Jun 10,  · The field of social service is very wide: education, sanitation, social reforms, etc. In the field of social service, students can do a wonderful job. Everyone trusts them. Select Essay Topics. College Essays () Grammar (2) High Level Essays (36) Pakistan Camp Fire Function In Our School; Celebration of Independence Day in.

Social and community service managers coordinate and supervise social service programs and community organizations. They manage workers who provide social services to the public. Employment of social and community service managers is projected to grow 18 On-the-job training: None.

Essay on social service camp
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