Effectiveness of family planning thesis

Full text Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print Effectiveness of family planning thesis. Frequency of sexual contact and number of sex partners.

Being able to control if and when you have children is a big part of maintaining your health. The most common form of contraceptive used by women is the contraceptive pill.

It is unlikely she will know she has ovulated and if she has unprotected intercourse, she will get pregnant and never get her first period. The findings regarding the following hypotheses were in the predicted direction: While most methods of birth control are highly effective when used correctly, there is always a chance that any method will fail.

Weighing the options with a doctor and partner is an important part of the decision-making process. The desire for children in the future. Natural options There are several methods of birth control that require no device or medication, but they may be less reliable than other options.

The disadvantages include difficulty abstaining and the potential for vaginal contact with sperm. This method of birth control is a nearly percent effective if carefully used, but it is seldom carefully used.

How effective is your contraception?

These figures below quote the first year use. Outercourse does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases. Level of personal comfort with the chosen method. Different methods suit different people according to their age, life stage, finances and personality.

As you can see below, for long acting reversible contraception LARCs the perfect use is the same as typical use. After delivery, exclusively breast-feeding mothers will not get their periods. Breast-feeding is not considered a method of birth control beyond 6 months of age, but the chances of becoming pregnant before the baby is 6 months are lower when exclusively breast-feeding.

Only condoms and diaphragms provide protection against both pregnancy and STIs. How effective is your contraception? This month we compare the effectiveness of different contraceptive methods in preventing pregnancy.

When used correctly, approximately 2 percent of women will experience an unintended pregnancy, but this method is less likely to be used correctly. Around 65 percent of women of reproductive age are using contraceptives.

Birth control: What is the best option?

Perfect use vs typical use Many contraceptive methods are affected by human error such as forgetting to take your pill. Not having any sexual intercourse including vaginal, anal, or oral, is referred to as continuous abstinence and is the only way to percent avoid both pregnancy and contracting an STD.

This means out of women using condoms correctly all the time, two will become pregnant within one year. What makes this method less than ideal is that the woman will ovulate first and then about 2 weeks later get her first period once the cycles have begun again.

Serious risks associated with hormonal contraception include heart attackstrokeblood clots higher in patch usershigh blood pressureliver tumors, gallstonesjaundice skin yellowing. Abstinence Abstinence is a method of birth control that can be defined in different ways and includes no intercourse at all to simply no vaginal penetration.

Safety and efficacy of chosen method.Analysis of the Effectiveness of Title X Family Planning Providers’ Use of the B Drug Pricing Program. Final Report.

A study of the effectiveness of family planning clinics in the Philippines.

Prepared for: Department of Health and Human Services. (1) Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM): is a highly effective, temporary method of contraception; and (2) Emergency Contraception: emergency contraceptive pills or a copper IUD after unprotected intercourse substantially reduces risk of pregnancy.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. The data derived from the answers of the selected respondents were the basis in the assessment of the effectiveness of family planning methods at Brgy. is presently working on his thesis entitled “EFFECTS OF FAMILY PLANNING METHODS ON THE HEALTH CONDITIONS OF THE 5/5(12).

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Effectiveness of family planning thesis
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