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How do you get it to happen every day in the real world? What really matters is the service. Pollitt emphasised that there are no scripts in the call centre. People can see through the bullshit — they judge you by what you do. Research and Prepare This may seem obvious, but many companies will get so excited at the prospect of having a case study, that they will sign off on the first customer that agrees to participate, though they may not be the best choice.

I think I learned as much about customer service from Claudio, Emma, Hanna, Robin, Maurizio, Daniella, Sophia and Mo — the people in my team — than from the directors and vice-presidents and managers I interviewed for this article. Statement and explanation of the business problem, including key metrics Turning point and introduction of key tools to solve the problem Development and deployment of the solution Results, including key metrics "The reason it works is that it has the structure of an actual story: Zapier mentions repackaging your case study as a press release, making it an example in a white paper or even presenting it in a talk at a conference.

The Sharp Pointy End: Given that I was basically slowing them down and getting in the way most of the time, they were all really friendly, supportive and helpful. Focus on the Customer — Not the Product This goes back to those TV commercials — your audience will be able to relate much better to your customer than to your product.

However, I was beginning to form the opinion that while every business is subject to the disciplines of the market, customer service at the most abstract, highest level transcends function.

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The barista Pret-speak for a coffee guru tried to train me in making cappuccinos — an apparently simple process that seemed harder than landing a plane.

Make your headlines large and distinguishable for those who are going to skim your sections. Make the "clear as day," she says. Tell the how customer found out about your company, teeing up the next part of the case study: They expect things to be delivered to a very high level of quality.

There may be other structures that could work, and experimentation can be good, but only so long as all these points are covered at a minimum in the final piece. Task management app Todoist employs enticing headlines to share customer stories. It is open for long hours every day of the week.

But the most interesting stories usually take a more creative path. Also, be sure and use plenty of direct quotes from your customer. The traditional class-based lines between service, trade, professionals and aristocracy have gone away.

This same retail approach applies directly to content marketing in the B2B, and even B2C, sectors through analyses of projects or companies that identify a real-life situation, actions and solution — aka, a case study.Great customer service case studies Companies don’t give good service, people do.

This is what I learned from talking to the people responsible for customer service in some of the world’s leading customer service companies: Ritz-Carlton Hotels, First Direct and Jaguar. This is what I learned talking to local businesses.

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Send the customer a list of discussion topics and schedule a follow-up call. Pre-interview your customer to understand their use case. Most case studies are designed to emphasize how a problem was solved or goal was achieved over a. Be patient enough to choose the best customer, and then the best spokesperson to interview within that company.

As B2Bento says, “the best case studies are always the ones that are thoroughly researched and well-conceptualized.

Best Practices. Customer Case Studies; Webinars; White Papers; Financing Solutions; Dee King Trucking uses McLeod IQ Finance Module data to boost revenue, control spending, and increase efficiency. Request this case study. Epes Logistics Services & Badger Express are using McLeod Customer Relationship Management to grow their .

Customer case studies best practices
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