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He has a whole theory on justice, which is where we get the basis of his ideas towards capital punishment. The only way they can get the money, if they have run out of their own, is by committing money making crimes and stealing. People achieve this happiness through their actions and decisions, and we make these decisions by reasoning.

This would not only take into consideration the welfare of the innocent, but also if someone was wrongly accused, they would be able to be released whereas you cannot do this with capital punishment.

Committing a crime involves performing a social act that offends the laws of a society. Punishment can also be used to give the criminal a chance to restructure his life, so they can change their ways and make him less likely to commit another crime.

Capital Punishment

He believes the only way to find desirable pleasure is to ask people and get a general response. We understand students have plenty on their plates, which is why we love to help them out. Let me start off with Aristotle.

Aristotle & Mill on Capital Punishment

If a person is coldly killing people, I believe the person may have a problem, possibly mental health issues, and should see a psychiatrist rather that being locked up. It makes them suffer for their crime. This can range from stealing a packet of crisps from a shop, to murder.

Many times while people are awaiting his or her capital punishment, there is a process or series of appeals that are filed in order to try to get that person off of death row.

For example if a man steals to feed his family, he should not be punished as this is the states fault for not providing for his family. After identifying a stand one needs to brainstorm for ideas and research for data to support the stance he has taken.

It is the judicial execution of criminals judged guilty of capital offenses by the state, or in other words, the death penalty. If somebody is guilty of theft, then life in jail may be too hard of a punishment for that particular crime. There are lots of reasons for which people commit a crime, whether it is because they are poor so they have to commit robberies to survive, or because they are mentally ill and do not realize the difference between right and wrong.

I therefore believe capital punishment is wrong, and that under no circumstances should it be used. The same can be said for Aristotle. The conclusion of a capital punishment should contain an impacting statement to leave the reader with a thought or a question.

Innocent people will always be preyed on. The writer should not directly criticize the contrasting schools of thought as these issues are delicate and can hurt the sentiments of the readers.

Sinceninety-five of the inmates on death row in America have been fully cleared by the courts. Aristotle believes in punishing these heinous crimes, but more importantly, reforming those who commit these offenses through corrective treatments. The thesis statement of the essay should be either for or against capital punishment so that the readers are clear of the side the author is favoring.

One man, by the name of Kerry Sanders, a mental health patient, was picked up for sleeping on a bench during October in LA.Jul 08,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | Furman had four main arguments: most western nations had abolished capital punishment because it was an unsuccessful way to deter.

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Capital punishment is viewed by the law as the act of deterring a person from performing a certain crime that poses threat to the lives of human being.

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