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They can never neglect their efforts and seriousness towards the business operations Jain, The most powerful tool used for systematically diagnosing the basic competitive pressures in a market and assessing strength, weakness, opportunities and threats, is the five-forces model of competition.

It also gives additional rights to the debtor, including certain limited rights to cancel concluded agreements. Let us now see what we mean by internal environment. Further the tax related aspects also cater into the fiscal policy which is applicable on companies. Efforts must be made to make the assessment more objective.

In modern industries production function is designed in such a manner that allocation of capital and labour is made optimally to reach an ideally optimal situation.

Further the resource allocation pattern is also different in these three economic systems. It is summarized statement which provides overview of strengths and weaknesses in key result areas likely to affect future operation of the organization.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Business work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. Internal environment is determined by management structure, ethos of the management, asset-structure of the organization, human capital, financial resources and marketing logistics.

One of the major market forces are the buying behavior of the customer.

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Higher tax rates can increase the cost of operations and profitability could be compromised Business enviroment essay the organization. But due to the high level of corruption the wastage of resources is the common scenario into the socialist economy. The market situations play a vital role in determining the price.

Some example of weaknesses, as an internal Business enviroment essay, that a company can consider are lack of patent, weak brand names, poor reputation among customers, high cost structure, lack of access to the best natural resources, lack of access to key distribution channels.

Further the competition policy encourages business activities to take place within the boundary of healthy competition rather than being into certain kind of war. The rapid development of technology requires quick reaction by businesses in order to survive in an emerging competitive environment and keep up with new trends and innovative services which other competitors might be offering.

Competitors to stand in market, thus, should have diverse strategies and objectives. About this resource This Business essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Additionally, a solid understanding of the legal environment can help avoid liability or at least minimize risk.

How the business and cultural environment shape the behavior of organization. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

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Fair trade policy promotes the ethical business practices. It provides the strategists of which sectors have a favourable impact on the organization. Many theoreticians are interested in including the internal forces as well as external forces having a bearing on business activities.

The entire game of supply and demand is controlled by the company.

Illustrate the way in which the market forces shape organizational responses The list of market forces is very huge that affects the organizational responses. Labour in this sense is not a liability but real strength of a modern company. Therefore, it is important for the organization, for its employer, and for all the other people who may be relying on business expertise—such as employees and their family—to understand the legal environment.

Business processes have been modified and organizations are now working much more efficiently than ever. In order to meet out the above mentioned objectives the organization is required to focus on their research and investigation. This strategy consists of offensive and defensive moves, action and reaction patterns, adjust and readjust process.

The capitalist economy is the one in which whole control on the distribution and usage of resources remains into the hands of private sector.

Further the advantage of capitalist economy is that the wastage of resources is very low and most importantly the maximum utilization of natural resources could be ensured Jeffs, On the other hand the strategies are required to form with respect to focus on the objectives of stakeholders.

It means deliberately giving misleading impression about the product is illegal. They extract the resources for their own benefits and distribute it to the common people as per their convenience. It indicates what the organisation has done or is doing in comparison to its competitors to generate competitive advantage for itself.

The profit is never the motive of the government as compare to the capitalist economy. It is their huge responsibility that the legality or the legal identity of business must be formed before commencing the official business transactions.

Explain the responsibilities and strategies of organization to employ to meet them. Therefore both policies have potential to put adverse or positive impact at the economic aspects of the country which indirectly affects the social environment as well.Executive Summary The main purpose of this study is to know the business environment and which factors are affect and how to affect the comp.

This free Business essay on Business environment is perfect for Business students to use as an example. Business environment consists of all the internal and external forces that influence the operating situation of a company. Business environment has a dynamic and complex nature and it impacts greatly the survival and growth of a company.

Free business environment papers, essays, and research papers. Internal environment is the part where business have control over the changes e.g.

management while the external environment is beyonde the controle of business enterprice e.g. government. In addition the ability for a business to operate succesfully depends on how good it can adapt the internal environment to the demands and.

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