An analysis of the duct tape and zip ties

We also had chance to make some minor tent repairs, employing duct tape and zip ties once again. The first stage of the adventure had been everything we wished for despite the need to employ those camping essentials; Duct Tape, Zip Ties and WD Walking down the track to the falls we were awestruck as they opened up before us.

The first drive of the day made us think that the Chillagoe to Dimbulah Road had it in for us as another unfortunate casualty was a wallaby that jumped into the side of OTIS. We did, however, get to see a sunset over the ocean and stocked up on provisions and fuel before continuing north.

The solution, another camping essential — a spray of WD40 and they were sliding effortlessly again. Unbelievably, when we got underway, we able to ascertain that it actually still worked and communication was resumed. We successfully traversed the final two crossings, including Scrubby Creek which was a fairly long water crossing.

We were also lucky enough to catch a few glimpses of saltwater crocodiles — no swimming in this part of the world.

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They started to get gummed up and really hard to open and not having access to our tent would be a bit of a problem. The cemetery was sobering but a great memorial to their lives.

The township was named after an aboriginal settlement but the town as it is today was effectively created by the mining companies, as extraction of bauxite, aluminium ore, is the primary industry.

Some drivers were fairly novice like us, but others were well experienced. In the evening the restaurant and bar provides entertainment every night. The traffic on dirt roads causes it to form corrugations and holes which means that the driving takes a fair bit of concentration, and the dust thrown up by other vehicles reduces visibility too.

We were camping but you could also choose to stay in a range of units. Three pristine swimming pools looking like a 5 star resort. The obvious thing to do would be to switch the aircon to recycled air.

Not a great start to the day but we carried on along dirt roads to Tyrconnel gold mine which dated from the 19thcentury gold rush, but had been in action until 5 years ago.

This keeps the cabin pressurised and stops the dust infiltrating. Many have very steep descents and ascents and several also have fairly deep water to traverse, even though we were in dry season.

He was therefore going to have to sleep by his car overnight whilst we made our way on to our camp. After Merluna we had a relatively short drive into Weipa, a mining town on the western side of the cape. The first two crossings, Palm Creek and Ducie Creek, were some of the trickiest we were going to attempt so we were really pleased to have John, who walked them first then guided us through on the UHF radio.

Mine Managers house, Tyrconnel Goldmine Tyrconnel Goldmine Cemetery at Mount Mulligan Cemetery at Mount Mulligan Over the next couple of days we continued north driving around km on roads that at times were uncomfortable to say the least.

One of the great things about travelling in the group is that you have a mixture of skills and abilities.Six Ways to Escape from Handcuffs, Zip Ties, and Duct Tape By Survival Life Contributor 2 Comments While we hope this never happens, one day you may find yourself in a situation you need to escape.

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59%. 1 month ago. Join Ben Long for an in-depth discussion in this video Using duct tape and zip ties in the field, part of The Practicing Photographer.

Plastic Cords, Zip Ties and Duct Tape.

They eventually restrained her with duct tape and zip ties in the first-class section as the plane landed, it says, but Harriott “became more aggressive and physically violent toward the flight. Plastic Cords, Zip Ties and Duct Tape.

You put your hand into the bag, hoping you'd find her address written somewhere so you could "graciously" come to hand it over, and maybe then ask her out for a drink or something like that. Police say man bound woman with duct tape, zip ties MOREHEAD CITY, N.C.

(AP) - Police in North Carolina say a man kidnapped a woman from a convenience store parking lot and bound her with zip ties.

An analysis of the duct tape and zip ties
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