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The century is known as the Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason, an ideal also found in the literature of the period, whether colonial, British, or Continental. About the Author Gordon S.

And it blinds us to the no less admirable or important but far more interesting man Franklin really was and leaves us powerless to make sense of the most crucial events of his life. Old beliefs seemed less certain and new dreams seemed suddenly possible.

It would certainly foster interesting debates. Wood claims, and sets out to demonstrate, that on all these counts the image is at least to a large extent false.

Many American colonists adhered to this philosophy, most notably Thomas Jefferson, the radical revolutionary Thomas Paine, and Franklin. Sir Isaac Newton and John Locke America was growing rapidly, and with more people, agriculture and trade burgeoned.

He spent much of his adult Americanization of benjamin franklin thesis abroad, in England and in France, and for periods of time preferred each of those countries to his own, hesitating whether or not to permanently resettle in it.

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Benjamin Franklin study guide and get instant access to the following: When presented to Lord Sandwich, who was one of the heads in the House of Lords, he was mocked and ridiculed.

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin First published: They resented British restrictions on trade and felt that the British government did not do enough to keep the frontier safe.

His wit, coupled with his intellect, had an immediate Americanization of benjamin franklin thesis to his readership. The links with his past work are close, however, since the subject of this biographical study is one of the major figures of the Revolution. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Americanization Of Benjamin Franklin

Franklin tried to explain to the English that colonists were still as loyal as ever but his argument was beginning to diminish as America and Britain were becoming more so two separate countries rather than one. As Wood points out, Franklin understood that with the French one should appeal to idealism and not self-interest, and so while in France and under their influence he adjusted his approach accordingly.

Yet Wood does not seem to notice that there is a significant difference between the two Franklin myths. The trades became the center of wealth and prosperity due to the influx of commerce with Britain. With the Christian idea of predestination called into question, a new attitude toward the Creator was developed to coincide with these new philosophical concepts.

The attitude in the Americas was that if you worked hard, no matter where you came from, success was in your future. In the beginning chapters, readers may find themselves not quite so fond of Ben, may feel even a bit uneasy about the glaring inconsistencies between what Ben preached to the masses concerning morality, ethics, and loyalty, and what he practiced in his own life, particularly in his personal relationships.

Benjamin Franklin American Literature Analysis - Essay

This was especially true for the young American Benjamin Franklin. The Penguin Press, Americans constantly complained of delays and inefficiencies resulting from a government located an ocean away.

Wood tells us that he has been especially interested in Franklin since the early s and that several passages in The Radicalism of the American Revolution already contain the germ of the ideas developed in the biography.

When thinking about America, usually what comes to mind is wealth, liberty and independence. His concern for public education, public safety, and public health made Philadelphia the most modern city not only in the colonies but also in the entire Western world.

To have done so might have led him to an interesting cross-cultural analysis. Every modern American public figure, from the President to Hollywood movie stars, creates and manages a public image.

The life of Benjamin Franklin helps depict greatly of 4 what early America was all about in the 18th century.

Very interested in the life of a gentlemen, this was a way certain people lived without ever having a job and simply just made a living based off of their relations with others Franklin retired at the age of 45 and became a true gentleman in Wood brings impressive erudition to his subject, the fruit of long familiarity and intense intellectual engagement with the era of the American Revolution.

His numerous publications in the area include several prize-winning books The Radicalism of the American Revolution, published inwas awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Ironically it did the opposite and ended up infuriating both the colonists and Englishmen.

Franklin came to support the revolutionary movement only belatedly and reluctantly. I give The Americanization of Benjamin Franklinand its author Gordon Wood, four and a half stars for a fascinating, educational, and enlightening bit of work.

Readers should not be concerned, however, that the text is dry or lacking in creative intrigue - quite the contrary. Wood reveals a figure much more ambiguous and complex—and much more interesting.

He worked nonstop to create his image, never letting anyone see the "real" Franklin. With only a few years of schooling, Franklin managed to get into the printing trade and educated 1 himself on how to become a successful writer.

Thus, people, through reason not through a reliance on revelationhad the responsibility to arrange their own affairs, both personally and socially.In The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin, by Gordon Wood there is the devotion of the rise of tradesmen to the acquisition of the gentleman title.

This is the form of enticement, which Franklin had for climbing up the ladder in the. Oct 02,  · Best Answer: Basically, how Benjamin Franklin went from being a British subject to being a patriot and revolutionary. The Americanization Of Benjamin FranklinStatus: Resolved.

The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin Essay Sample. When trying to read about history, sometimes it is easy to misinterpret information and not realize certain motives or reasons that are behind historical events.

Benjamin Franklin American Literature Analysis - Essay. Locke’s basic thesis asserts that humans are born devoid of any preformed ideas or perceptions; in essence, a person is a tabula rasa. What Gordon Wood achieves in The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin is a stripping away the fiction of Franklin and drags into the light his uniquely human side, with all of his quirks and foibles.

Gordon Wood has done a truly remarkable job of extracting the humanity of Franklin. Mar 25,  · This Site Might Help You.

The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin Essay Sample

RE: Does my thesis statement for my Benjamin Franklin essay sound okay? I'm writing a research paper about Benjamin Franklin for english class and I was just wondering if my thesis statement sounded okay please offer your suggestions!Status: Resolved.

Americanization of benjamin franklin thesis
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